Among Other Things…

So, I’ve had a lot of stuff floating around in my life lately and I just got tired of having people tell me I should do something like this so…here it goes. I’m the last person I know that would intentionally sit down and write…anything. My mom was a writer while I was growing up. She’s excellent with words and is one of the most intelligent women I know. Thus, my feelings on writing anything myself that she might one day read. Not that she is critical, but she is amazing and expects only the best from me, among other things.

I’ve been a teacher for 6 years, going on my 7th. I love my job and the kids I have the honor of investing in on a daily basis. I guess sometimes I just need to be reminded that my calling is high, my responsibility is great and in small ways I am making a difference in the lives of my kids…among other things.

I’ve been a part of Elevation Church for the last 2 years. I can’t begin to tell you what God has done in my own life through this church, it’s pastor, and it’s people. I have found a place where I can be real about where I’m at. Where I can learn and grow in ways I never thought possible. A place that values feedback from it’s people and strives to flesh out the calling God has placed on us the best we can in our humanness. I’m made some amazing friends, and truthfully, the process of participating in this church has changed my life, among other things.

So, as I start this day today, with new adventures on my horizion and a ton of work to do at school this week, I’m thankful. That quiet, self-reflective kind of thankful…among other things.


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