An unhealthy obsession

I am a passionate person. Which…when focused correctly is one of my greatest assets as a person. However, when it is misplaced or misfocused…bad things are bound to happen. I love art, I love my family and friends, and more and more I love Jesus.

In my teens and twenties I had an unhealthy obsession with justice and my direct role in bringing justice to fruition in situations around me. If there was a wrong happening in my world, not only did I want it to be right, but I wanted to help…no force it to be right.

In my twenties, specifically, I had an unhealthy obsession with a few relationships. I pushed and pushed and tried so hard to make them right…to make them what I thought I needed or what I thought they needed in me. It was an unhealthy obsession.

And now as I look to the place I find myself this day…I’m working now to focus my passion and the positive-turned-negative ways of focusing that energy. I am investing in good relationships and I praying over the injustices I see…for that is my greatest responsibility. And I am seeking after my Savior with reckless abandon…a very healthy obsession.

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