The inaudible layer

Sometimes, I find myself talking and I’m not even sure how the words are being formed and thoughts are being strung together. When conversations like these are over, or paused for an indefinite time…I reflect on them. I can rarely remember exactly what I said. I have a general idea of topics discussed or thoughts expressed, but I can’t seem to remember them with the clarity I can a conversation of no consequence.

This used to happen very infrequently and without much consideration by me. But recently, it is happening a lot. So much so, that I have taken serious note. I’ve come to label these conversations as the inaudible layer. These are the times when there seems to be an inaudible layer to my thoughts and words that I understand clearly and that guides me with laser-focused precision to the things I need to say…or not say.

So, as I begin this new day and reflect back on some of those most recent conversations, I am in awe that God would choose to use me in this way in the lives of those closest to me. It also occurs to me that, without their willingness to turn over their most severe hurts to our Father, He could not use me at that point in their life. For it takes both their release and His awesome grace and mercy to allow someone like me to be used in those situations. And what a distinct honor and pleasure it is to be the hands, the feet…the voice of Jesus’ inaudible layer.


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