A personal touch

Sometimes in my life God allows me to see Him in a very “flesh and blood” kind of way. He brings His Word, His character, His love…all to the forefront of an otherwise broken and sinful person that is just like me. When He does this it’s like a warm cup of coffee on my soul. It’s as close to a face to face conversation as I will have while I walk the earth. And I am grateful.

Most of the time, the people He uses in this way are totally unaware of my very real encounter with Christ. They are concerned for me, they love me…they speak the Truth to me, but completely oblivious to the still small voice of Jesus that I hear in them. It is a remarkable experience and when it happens…I am drawn closer to the heart of my Savior.

These times are precious…not because of the people involved, but because it is an outpouring of the spirit of the Lord directly to me. The people are important…don’t get me wrong. But in these times it is so much more about my connection to Jesus.

And…almost always, they come after a time that has been extremely hard for one reason or another. It is as if He recognizes the hurt and pain, knowing that I could not take anymore…and eases my spirit just in the nick of time. He knows my heart and knows when I’m at a point of no return…and He sends my sweet friends and loved ones to be His hands, His Feet…His voice…with a personal touch.


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