The sounds of the season

So, as I took down the decorations for my classroom this morning…tucking away the fall pumpkins & leaves and getting down my snowmen & Christmas trees…I had a thought.

As each box was packed and replaced on its shelf, it was almost as if the season went with it. Reaching for a box of Christmas decorations I had to blow off a layer of dust that had collected since the last time it was opened. I use these decorations every year at school and have had them for many years, but I am always surprised by an object or two…having forgotten I had it tucked away for the next winter season.

This is my thought…my life is like these boxes…seasonal, recurring, not always exactly as I remember from the last experience. Some of that is very good…some of it reminds me of things I’ve forgotten.

We do have seasons that come in and out of our lives…some of that provides comfort and stability. There was a season of school in my life. There may be one more season of that in my future…every time I reach for that box, something stops me, though. It’s just not time…not yet, maybe not ever. We’ll just have to see. And I’ll have to continue to listen to Jesus as He guides my steps.

There has been a season of service through ministry…I worked in youth groups from the time I was a freshman in college until I started teaching. I loved those times…laughing with my kids, helping them work through their relationship with their parents and peers, taking them on insane trips to theme parks and youth events…it was an amazing time in my life, and some days I really miss it. I loved that season.

There have been seasons of relationship..healthy and unhealthy, both of which I’ve learned from. I wouldn’t be who I am today without those seasons. So every once in a while, my Savior takes down a box, blows off the dust and reminds me of what was inside those dark seasons of my life. Not to threaten me, not to scare me…but to continue to heal me. In a constant effort to keep me from entering that season again and to inspire me in this season of very healthy relationship with Him and those around me. And I listen…

to the sounds of the season.


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