I hate being sick

So, I got sent home today…by way of the doctor’s office. I hate being sick.

You would think, for someone who really does detest being sick, that I would do anything and everything to #1. not get sick and #2. get well as soon as possible. Funny thing about me….

I hate to go to the doctor. It’s not that it scares me or that I don’t think they can do their job. It’s just such a huge inconvenience…so much so that I don’t usually go. I’ll take every over-the-counter under the sun and go home and crash. But I will not miss work, or any important commitment and I will not go to the doctor. I’ll tough it out, because that’s what I do.

And that makes me think…I don’t want to be trite and compare my illness to my sin, blah, blah, blah. Not that it isn’t a perfectly good analogy, because it is true. That’s just not the kind of connections I usually make. Jesus has a different way of speaking to me that so often is outside what is obvious or normal.

But it does make me wonder…how often do let the things I know go by. Things He has taught me or I have learned about His character and how He provides for me. How much am I living on my own, partially if not totally unhealthy…worse off than I could be if I would just do what I know to do.

He’s a smart guy…He knows I don’t know it all, that I have so much left to learn and I don’t get penalized for that. But I am charged to do those things I do know and understand. And when i don’t…things just aren’t right. They are less than they could be.

So, today…I bucked up and went to the doctor…and they gave me not 1, but 3 different medications. So, clearly, something is wrong. So, I’ve left them to be filled. I’ll pick them up later and start to take them and they will make me feel better. And today I ask Jesus…to remind me of what I know and I will do it because…

I hate being sick.


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