I need my girl

So, I realized something on the way home from my friend’s house about directions.

I’ve been to her house a couple of times and am learning now the most efficient way to get there from my house. You know when you are giving directions to someone the first time, you often send them the way that is easiest…with the fewest turns/lights/etc. But that way is not always the fastest way from point A to point B.

True to form, my first set of directions to her house were very simple…a total of maybe 4 steps (good girl). But two things about that…first, I knew, on my end, that in the first two steps there was a faster way to get where she was taking me. So, on my first trip to her house I made those adjustments. Second, She knew, on her end that in the last two steps there were multiple options that would all get me to her house. So when I told her how I had come…she altered her end of the directions and I made the best time from her house to mine.

So, here’s the thing…it took our understanding of our environments together, that made for the most efficient route that I finally took…and will continue to use each time I go to her house.

That’s how I think God works. He wants us to rely on Him…always, above anyone or anything else. That is the truth, however, He also provides us with other people so that we rely on the body of Christ as well. Much like my directions.

Because it took both of us. She knows her back roads and I know mine. And together we have what it takes to successfully and efficiently navigate the road ahead. It’s not that I rely on her more than Jesus, but that I rely on the knowledge she brings to the table that He has given her.

I love it that God not only created us to be in relationship with him, but also with each other. Because…I need my girl.


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