What He’s already said

As usual, Pastor Steven totally brought it at church this morning. I mean, his words were loud and clear and today I find myself really soaking in the weight of the message in my life right now. If you are unfamiliar with Elevation Church or you are looking for a place that is alive in Jesus Christ, you should check us out.

Our new sermon series is called “Do you Hear?” And it’s going to be great.

So, today Pastor said that some of us are in a place where we need to hear from God on something very specific. True…for me anyway. And that what we need is the ability to hear God AND the courage to act on it. That a lot of damage has been done by people saying they heard this or that from the Lord when they probably didn’t. But just because others have abused it doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t strive to hear God and act on what He tells us.

These were Pastor’s 4 points.

1. God can still speak to you (no matter where you’re at)
2. God is able to ignite the ordinary (Moses and the burning bush)
3. You must prepare yourself to hear from God (He will call your name, but then you must remove your shoes…prepare your heart)
4. God’s voice reminds you of His promises (in His word)

And here I sit, trying to process through the ramifications of this message on my life. I have like 6 pages of notes from today. One of the things that really stuck with me is what Pastor said about listening. He said the question is not “is God speaking?” but rather “Am I listening?” He went on to say that some of us need to listen to what God has already told us…we don’t need to hear Him speak it again.

Wow…and that’s where this message landed on my heart. I’m wondering how much of my life I spend asking God (or not…just outright ignoring) what He has already said. In my job, in my finances, in my relationships…how often do I allow the noise of life to drown out the only voice that really matters?

I’m thinking pretty often.

So, today is a day for thought…thought about those three specific areas of my life. I don’t know that any blockbuster revelation is going to come by dinner, but I’ve started the conversation with God again…and that’s what’s important for today. Because it’s high time I start acting on…

what He’s already said.


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