The beauty of intercession

So, it never ceases to amaze me when God speaks things to my heart and I pray on behalf of others…sometimes not knowing how or why these thoughts…prayers and scriptures come to me.

It’s when I’m reading scripture and things just jump off the page at me. I underline furiously…sometimes because the truth speaks directly to my heart. Sometimes because Jesus is leading me through prayerful scriptures on behalf of someone else. What an amazing experience. To be part of what His is doing in such an intimate way…is humbling.

Especially when He lets me in on the bigger picture. When someone I’ve been praying for will tell me what is going on in their life that specifically relates to scripture that has been brought to my mind concerning them. Prayers I’ve prayed that I didn’t even realize the significance of until after we talk.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not like this has been happening my whole life and I’m an experienced intercessor. I’m totally not. But as I draw closer to my Savior, He reveals Himself and His purpose more and more clearly…again, I’m more able to listen to Him. More willing. Desiring to be close to His heart…more than ever before. And the closer I get the more He uses me…speaks to me…through me into the lives of those around me.

It’s incredible. It’s a role I totally don’t deserve. And one I cannot fill without Him. I’ve got years that prove that fact all to well. When I separate myself from Him, He lets me…and this closeness and privilege of lifting up others before His throne of grace and mercy falls on the shoulders of those who are close to His heart. It’s not that the work goes un-done. He is bigger than me and my independence. But I totally miss out when I go my own way.

So, today I am thankful…that doesn’t even seem to cover it. I bow my heart before Him…in grateful praise of the One who is above all others. In the simplistic…yet complicated move of His mighty hand…in awe and wonder of

the beauty of intercession.


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