The melodic conversation

I have been in a really worship-ful mood in the last few days. I got some great music from a friend of mine and have just had an amazing time the Lord…pouring out my heart in praise of the One who is worthy.

It’s made me think…why don’t I do this more often? I love to sing. I love to harmonize with the radio, no matter what the tune. I know that music speaks to my spirit…so why not weave the worship throughout my day?

Now, I’m not saying I’m never going to listen to another secular song…I’m pretty eclectic in my musical tastes and they all have their time and place. I just am realizing I haven’t been very intentional about my musical choices until recently.

There are several things that have led me to this discovery. Not the least of which is that I feel better if I spend part of my day praising my Savior. It connects me to Him in a different way. And together with the other ways I talk to Him…it’s a way to complete the conversation.

I have a friend who does this…constantly. She seems to always have a heart for worship and can just bust into song at any point…or as she’s listening to a song, allow it to overtake her heart and push her straight into the throne room in worship. It’s an amazing thing. And I want to be sensitive to my Savior that way…more today.

So, here’s the deal. I’m making a conscious choice to worship…every day. Yes, my life should, in general, be an offering of worship to Jesus. I’m striving to do that more and more. And, yes, I realize that worship is more than just singing or being musical. But for me the choice to sing praises to my Savior is, I think, essential to the conversation with Him.

Its a way to express what’s in my heart that I have a hard time putting into words…some songs seem really appropriate for the moment…and I have so many to choose from. Words that have already been penned…chords already written…waiting.

So, today I chose to worship…getting ready for work, on my way to school, as the undertone to my classes…I choose…

the melodic conversation.


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