Life without the mute button

I’ve had some interesting encounters with Jesus recently.

I’m in a place where I am seeing Him at work in ways I’ve never noticed before. I’m sure He has always been there working…waiting for me to notice. And now that I do, I’m wondering how I missed it before.

I know there are seasons in life where we are just more aware based on what is going on and where we are at. But this seems different. It’s like the work of His hand has been so loud, but I had it on mute and now that I don’t the sound is deafening.

It’s like there is so much I don’t know what to listen to first. I feel like my days are full of what He is trying to say. It’s a little overwhelming, but exciting. I am praying so much more these days. As I listen it evokes this need to talk to Him about it. To try to decipher what speaks to what in my life.

It’s really fun actually.

And while I realize there will be times when the sound seems to go up and down in my life…I never want to mute the sound of my Savior speaking to me. I don’t control the volume…He most definitely does. But I have the option to mute or not. That is the choice. That is the result of being created in His image. To be given the right to choose…to be in relationship with Him or not, to do His will or not, to listen or not.

I so want to listen.

So, as I sift through the amazing things Jesus is speaking to my heart and soul…I am grateful. In a way I have never been before. And I’m seeking Him…looking for Him, like never before. Praying that He will reveal to me the next steps He has for me on this amazing journey. Listening to life without the mute button.


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