Don’t mind me…

Wow…that’s all I’ve got this afternoon…wow

I’m going to attempt to expound on this thought…but I won’t do it justice.

Last Sunday I raved about my amazing Pastor (Steven Furtick) and the word he delivered that was straight from the Lord to my heart. Well, I’m gonna do it again…

This week was about when God speaks and we talk back, instead of just listening to Him and agreeing with Him about who He has created us to be. There were several things that stuck with me this week.

~When God speaks He reveals my purpose & reassures me of His presence.
~When God speaks to me about my purpose it seems like more than I can do with my ordinary life.
~I don’t get to define my purpose…I get to discover the purpose God already planned for me.
~It’s time I start agreeing with who my Father says that I am.
~When I hear His purpose…don’t fight it…let it sink in.
~He doesn’t usually speak aloud…He speaks so much louder than that.
~He interprets what Pastor says to speak specifically and with authority in my life.
~I’m not praying about things that are good/bad they are what’s better/best.
~Let God’s Word be the last Word.
~When it comes to my purpose, He calls me to something greater than I am.
~I am hearing something no one else is hearing (like when you’re rocking out to a song in the car).
~If God has called me to great things, I need to do the small things that lead to the great things.
~He is not defined by the circumstances in my life, but He defines them.
~ He is WITH me…

So, needless to say…it was a lot. And I’m totally excited about what He is doing in my life. I pray that I will be faithful to Him and His call on my life. That I will live each day to the full…diligently doing the small things. That I will be listening for Him…everywhere.

And if I seem a bit over the top, or like a kid in the candy store…or whatever that seems not-quite-like-me, you’re probably right.

But don’t mind me…I’m hearing the voice Jesus…speaking loud and clear in my life.


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