For such a time as this

Clearly, Jesus has been speaking to me a lot over the last days and weeks. I have been broken, challenged, encouraged…and more by my Savior. It’s been an incredible experience. Such a concentrated time of revelation warrants my attention…and believe me…I’m all ears.

This has been a time of listening. A time of being still and knowing that He is God. A time where He sheds light on what is ahead. Not a huge flood light that illuminates everything perfectly, but a soft candle light that gives me just enough information to be able to move forward with confidence in Him.

I’m excited…and I’m terrified, but like Pastor Steven said yesterday…if I’m not scared it’s probably not God. So, here I go with a nervous energy that propels me into the future He has called me to. I have no idea what is in store, but I know He has spent my whole life preparing me…for such a time as this.


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