More today…

Today…I am grateful. That word by itself just doesn’t seem to cover my feelings. As I was reading the Word this morning…I was just overwhelmed. The God of the universe…who put every star in place, every fish in the sea, every person on this planet…past/present/future…has been speaking…to me.

I am just in awe. There are so many things that require His attention…and yet, He speaks, very intentionally, to me. All the while doing…everything else. He is an amazing God. And I am stunned by His unmistakable presence in my life.

I’m beginning to get it.

This is not new on His part…it’s new on mine. Since the day I was born and before…He has been calling my name. Inviting me, with His quiet strength to join Him on the journey He has for me. He knew exactly how long He would have to wait for me…and did not tire in that process. As I made mistakes, big and small. As I went about life my own way…but under the delusion I was doing it His way…with my help. The times I heard Him and just plain ignored His voice speaking every so gently to me.

and He waited…continuing to pursue me…until I got it.

And I am in awe…and wonder…and I quiet my spirit before Him this morning and say…thank you.

Knowing that the words fall terribly short of what I want to express (which is happening to me a lot lately). But also knowing that He knows my heart. He knows how full it is. He can hear and understand me in the most intimate of ways. Meaning that I don’t have to worry about how feeble my attempts are at thanking Him.

He loves to hear me try…and so, I try. I try to express how small I feel in comparison to Him…how I know that any good thing in me is from Him. How I want to walk in His truth, how I am working hard to agree with Him about who He says I am.

And that I love Him…more today than ever before.

Daddy, thank you so much for speaking directly to me…in my brokenness, in my need, right where I’m at. Thank you so much for gently speaking truth to me. For encouraging me…that You have created me for an amazing purpose…and that You will equip me to do it. That You will cover my inabilities with the cross and give me what I don’t have that I so desperately need to fulfill the call You are placing on my life. That when the time is right You will provide clarity and direction and give me the confidence I need to be faithful in the small things that lead to the great things. You are amazing and I praise You this morning for who You are…but more specifically for who You are to me. I love You so very much…more today.


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