A piece of my heart

Today was the end of what seemed to be an unending…but incredibly amazing, chapter in my life. God has truly been at work in me over the last 15 days. He has been doing some serious re-organizing and re-prioritizing. It’s been great…and very hard.

He has spoken to me in ways I never dreamed possible. He has orchestrated things that could have only come directly from Him. He has worked through every aspect of my life connecting dots I was previously unable to see.

He has been working towards this time in me for a while now. And the amount of patience that I am so acutely aware of now overwhelms me. I tired so very hard to push Him away from that deepest darkest corner of my heart.

And yet He persisted…unwaveringly.

And He’s not finished…but I am listening.

Through this process…of uncovering some very ugly things, He has enlarged my heart. Things there weren’t room for previously now have space and freedom to exist. And He is at the center of it.

Right where He should be.

This has also allowed me to share a piece of my heart and that process is incredible. More than I could have ever imagined it would be. It’s something that has only been possible because of the reconstruction of my spirit. A work that I never could have scripted…not in all my days.

Because in the process of cleaning out a corner of my heart…it is ready for the next step…

to share another piece of my heart.


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