Old Paintings

I am an artist. I have worked in varying degrees from not at all to all the time over the past 10 or 15 years. The most recent being all the time. Thanks to the encouragement of someone I know.

And this has led me to some of my old paintings.

As I was cleaning my office I came across several pieces from a long time ago…and some as recent as the summer. And I really took the time to look at them. To see how my work has developed over the years…what was important to me at a particular time, or how I was feeling. It’s really interesting how much I remember about certain events after I look under the lens of my work.

It’s very telling.

Sometimes I remember good things…sometimes what I remember is hard. But either way…it makes me look, and think twice about these hills and valleys in my life.

And that is very good for me…to see God’s hand at work through…

old paintings.


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