The shift and the spectrum

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the decisions I make and how I typically go about them. It’s that time of year, when you reflect on what has happened and how things played out over the course of the year and this year seems to have included a major shift for me.

It took all year for it to take place, but this has been a year of settling into adulthood…of owning my relationship with Christ…of recreating some boundaries I had let go…and just generally becoming a more healthy balanced person.

It’s kind of crazy, when I look back on the year, how much has actually shifted in my world. It’s a very good shift, one I didn’t even realize was necessary in January. But here I sit feeling very different than I did…about just about everything.

And I’m liking it…a lot.

My life, as I look back, seems to have been very one sided…with all my focus and energy being spent (and sometimes wasted) in one area of my life, to the sacrifice of all others. And now…I spend my days much differently. With focus where it should be across the board. It’s an interesting feeling…one I’ve not been familiar with, but would like to.

I have relationships I’m investing in, volunteers I lead, classes I teach, art I create…and a sweet conversation with my Savior as a part of each day or week. And it feels good. I still can’t do it all, but what I am choosing to do, I am doing better.

And I want to do more of that.

I want to continue to focus my time and energy across the spectrum of my life and not hone in so tightly on one aspect that the palette of colors I’ve been given becomes monotone. I need all those colors to paint the life I was meant to create.


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