Especially this year

Merry Christmas…

What an amazing time this Christmas has been already. I got to spend my day yesterday serving the people of Charlotte in preparation for a killer Christmas Even service Uptown at the Belk. I can’t think of a better way to focus my time, energy and thoughts before this day.

We say it a lot around Elevation, our mission is to see people far from God be filled with life in Christ. It’s more than something we say…it’s something we live out as best we know how with the resources God has given us. And I have learned so much from the time I have spent with our people and our leaders.

This could not have been more true yesterday. As I was reading Larry’s blog this morning I was overwhelmed at the mighty move of God. He is changing our city one person at a time and I get to be a part of what He is doing…what more could I ask for this Christmas.

Things are not as they have been in my life this year. In all of the good ways. My priorities are different…my relationships are different…my work is different…I am changing. I hear Jesus…speaking truth to my heart and I want to respond.

Like never before.

So, as I reflect this morning…listening to my family, watching the lights on the tree, I am grateful. I have a very full life.

Christmas is my favorite time of year…especially this year.


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