The weakest moments of my day

I am not a morning person.

I actually hate the morning. Crazy, I know…seeing as how the morning is inanimate and all that. But in all seriousness…I do NOT do mornings.

Which brings me to an interesting fact about myself.

I lead a volunteer team at my church that meets at 5 am every Sunday…and on days like today at 8:30 am for an all day set up for our amazing Christmas Eve services at the Belk Uptown.

Interesting how that works.

I also do not handle bumps in my mornings, or frustrations or crisis well in the morning…particularly before a very strong very large cup of coffee. This is what I’ve been prompted to work on today.

I’m human…I realize this. And I don’t handle the day’s frustrations perfectly all the time, but lately I’ve noticed a consistent issue in dealing with things in the mornings. I’m not sure that I have any profound thoughts on how I’m going to get my act together and deal with stuff better in the mornings…It’s just something Jesus has prompted me to think about, get to the root of and turn over to Him.

After all…that’s what He asks of me…to discover my whys…turn them over to Him and ask Him to help me…

in the weakest moments of my day.


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