When the time is right

In the stillness of this morning, Jesus is whispering to my heart once again. He tells me I need to prepare. He is speaking things to my heart I couldn’t begin to express to those around me because the time has not yet come.

These are conversations just for us.

Which is hard for me. Because sharing what is going on in my life with people is how I feel like something is real. I’m learning how rest in the clarity and reality of my Savior today. That it is not always His intent for me to immediately share what’s on my heart. In these beginning days, His words are for me.

Words I need to meditate on, words I need to allow to sink into my spirit, words I need to own in the deepest parts of my soul. I need to do these things to allow Him to take root and grow in my heart what He has planned for me.

Later there will be an opportunity to share…when the time is right.

I think part of this is because in these beginning moments I am still hesitant. I’m not sure of exactly what I’m hearing. I want to know and I want to own what He is telling me. But these are the days of baby steps. I need to be ready to run hard after His plan for my life before I start to tell others.

For two reasons…One, I could be easily swayed by the opinion of others right now. I am surrounded by good and godly people, but no one can explain Jesus’ call on my life like He can…so His is the only voice I should be listening to. He must have the final word in my life.

Two, when the time is right I will be able to clearly communicate what it is He is doing. Right now, I can’t. And I never want to misrepresent Him or His plans. So, this is a time to be quiet.

So, those are my thoughts today…the ones I can share. There is a mighty work being done and a great preparation that I am up to my elbows in…and I love that. There is an anxious anticipation in my spirit of what He is up to. And I can’t wait to share it…

when the time is right.


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