When my plans change

So, funny thing happened today. I had made some plans with family for a few days of my break. We had talked and emailed and done what was necessary to connect for a brief part of our Christmas vacation.

Then their plans changed.

So, I got this email explaining that one of them had to be back at work a day early and could we change when we were meeting to a day early. Usually, I stress when the things I plan don’t go as planned.

Even seeming little things like this.

But I’m growing and I’m different these days. So, as I reworked my plans I was thinking about how differently I was approaching the situation. I just sort of went with the flow…I had to change everything…the day we left, the time we left, the order in which we were seeing everyone…and somehow that didn’t phase me.

That is remarkable.

And in a small way it prepares me for my future. I have a lot of plans to be made and executed…and a lot of the time that will happen flawlessly. But there will be times when my plans need to change. And I need to be prepared to go with the flow. To rework my original plans and make them fit the new circumstances that I’m dealing with.

Because I’m allowing Him to work in me…when my plans change.


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