Make the most of it

So…school starts again and suddenly the very structured order of my life has fallen directly back into place. I should probably find some sort of comfort in it, but I don’t.

I never have.

Even when I’m ready to see my kids and friends again…I’m just never ready to return to the organized chaos that is my life. And that makes me wonder why.

Work is good for me. It provides the income I need to sustain this life I’ve been given. It provides relationships in which I get to invest. It provides a purpose for my days…work is good for me, so why is there always a part of me that dreads it’s return?

I think it’s because I like not knowing what the day may hold.

And while this is fine…even good every once in a while, it’s not intentional. I must be intentional. For the most part, I think I am. I am intentional in my conversations, my relationships, and how I spend my time. But by the time we are ready for a break at school…I am ready to let go a bit…okay a lot, and not be intentional about how my day falls together.

Like I said, this is good sometimes, but I can’t live my life that way. Too much can escape a day that has not been lived intentionally. And I can’t afford to let that happen. My days are too precious. My time too valuable, to simply let it go to waste.

So, as I start this semester, I’m trying to focus on this opportunity to be intentional again…with all aspects of my day. To not let one go to waste.

To come back to reality…and make the most of it.


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