Marked as forgiven

For a long time I’ve thought through the process of being marked. In high school I felt marked because my dad was a relatively well known local pastor and the Chaplin of our high school basketball team. Meaning everyone in our small town knew him and that I was his daughter. This was not bad…but sometimes I felt, I don’t know…marked. Like I was supposed to have it together and be sweet and kind and above anything that even looked like it might be out of line. This probably kept me out of a lot of trouble, but sometimes…I just wanted to blend in.

In college I felt marked as well, but for some different reasons. This feeling has sort of followed me through my life and for the most part it has made me want to hide.


In the last few years, and particularly the last few months, I have begun to see this as something very different. I see my feelings of being marked as not negative, but as set apart.

And I am just that.

I am set apart.

As a child of God, as a teacher at a Christian school, as a volunteer leader at Elevation…in many different ways I see that more and more I am being set apart.

And so, in celebration of that which used to make me want to hide, over the break I was marked…in a very real way.

I put a lot of thought into it. I did a lot of research. And I prayed…and what came to me is that I am forgiven. I have not always wanted to be set apart. I have not always embraced my relationship with Jesus above all else. That has changed…

and I am forgiven.

The Greek word “forgiven” is aphesis (ἄφεσις). It means to release from bondage or imprisonment, to let go of sin as if it had not been committed, remission of the penalty. It’s a beautiful word and it sums up my life experience with Christ…in one simple word.

So, I’ve embraced it…completely, and have had my body…

marked as forgiven


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