One little thread

I have this scarf…it’s amazing. It was a present and I totally love it. It has stripes of color with a light blue pattern woven over, under and between them. Like I said…it’s awesome.

I love creating outfits around this scarf…it’s my favorite. (yes, I totally become a girl over this thing…it is what it is)

So, I was wearing it at church this weekend (which I have to talk about on a different day, but that was incredible as well) and as I’m talking with friends and volunteers my girlfriend notices that there is a pick in my scarf.

Not good…

After further investigation we discover that it goes all the way across the length of the scarf….beyond frustrating.

We carefully begin to pull the scarf out flat returning most of the yarn back to where it belongs. The problem with this, however, is that once the threads have been pulled they don’t go exactly back where they go. Something is always a little off.

Which brings me to the message this weekend. We were in Luke 15 talking about the prodigal son. And one of Pastor Steven‘s many good points was that you don’t set out one day to wreck your relationship with God. But slowly, almost without noticing, one small decision can set you off in the wrong direction. And then one day you wake up and realize you are somewhere you never intended to go.

This is like my scarf. I didn’t set out to ruin it. But one small pick pulled all the way across the scarf affecting every row. This is a powerful lesson because I’m being taught a lot right now. I’m hearing the sweet voice of my Savior and I want that to continue. I don’t want to do anything that will put me on a road that leads me away from him.

So, I re-evaluate my life today and look for anything…even things that seem small that might be separating me from Jesus.

Because it only takes…one little thread


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