Dive deep

So, I’ve been thinking today…a lot. I’m wondering how it is that I get so removed from my Bible. Currently, I’m pretty connected to mine, but I’m noticing a feeling of “wow, I haven’t carried my Bible literally everywhere in a while”

Why is that?

I’m not really sure that I have the answer, but tonight – as I sit pondering this thought among others – I am reminded of how alive and active the Word really is.

I’ve been reading in II Corinthians. I couldn’t tell you why other than when I finished the last book I was in I sat reading through descriptions of Paul’s letters and really spent some time praying about where I should go next. And II Corinthians stood out to me.

So, away I went and I can’t tell you how much over the last few weeks I have felt the words just jump off the page at me…in direct correlation with my life. I shouldn’t be surprised…but I totally have been.

And the further I go…the more it happens.

This is an amazing season in my life. I have worked hard to eliminate the distractions. I’m still working, but it’s getting there. I have no ties to anything other than Jesus. Yes I have to go to work and do my job, but I am single and own my house and my car and pretty much get to dictate how I spend my time.

And more than ever I want to dive deep.

I’m not content to swim on the surface of my relationship with Christ. I want to suit up in my scuba gear, dive as deep as I possibly can…and just take in the wonder that is My Savior.

So, I’m embracing the season…I’m loving every minute of it. I am falling in love with Jesus all over again. It’s amazing. And as I look out over the ocean of His love for me, I continue to prepare for the revelation of my calling. I’m suited up and ready….

to dive deep.


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