When the label is wrong

So, take a look at this crayon one of my students found the other day. Look closely…no you are not mistaken. Its a crayon, with the appropriate paper, but…what’s that label say again? Right…white, but I’m pretty sure that’s a black crayon.

This led to a very interesting conversation with my students…

I asked them what color the crayon was…black.
What does the wrapper tell you about the crayon…that it’s black.
Now look at the label…white!

The next part is where it gets interesting. My students instantly want me to draw with the crayon…thinking that it should color white. When I showed them that the crayon marked black they then went on this super creative suggestion spree…

Maybe if you color over something it will be white…
Maybe if you use a different color paper it will be white…

Even though my students had all the information to know that the crayon was black…the label was that convincing. So much so that they went way outside the box to justify the white label on the black crayon.

Which made me think…

Aren’t adults the same way? It is amazing to me what people will believe…especially about another person, based on a label.

And what happens

when the label is wrong…


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