You’re better than that

I was reminded of this thought this morning (as I was whining about not wanting to get out of bed). You see I have this roommate…she is amazing and I really am blessed to share a home with her.

However (comma)

She has this uncanny ability to hear (IN HER SLEEP) #1. my alarm and #2. the shower. You see, she has this internal clock that tells her “Laura’s alarm has gone off and enough time has passed that she should be in the shower…AND SHE IS NOT.”

This kills me.

Because she then gets up out of bed and comes and does whatever she deems necessary to get me out of bed…including, but not limited to waking the dog and singing at the top of her lungs.

But today was different (while she did wake the dog and sing…) she simply said to me…

You’re better than that.

Which is something Pastor Steven said during the series The Essential James. And this morning it woke me up like a screaming siren…I do not apply this concept to my life in the morning.

I love the snooze button.

I’m serious…I mean I LOVE the snooze button. I love it so much I’ll use it several times in the morning. Sometimes I use it so much that I’m late to wherever I need to be…work, early morning volunteering, meeting a friend for breakfast or morning coffee…

Until my roommate moved in.

This a godly woman…but the gloves come off when it comes to being late. And I am learning this good practice from her (sometimes against my will…) 🙂

So today’s comment hit me between the eyes…”You’re better than that.” You’re better than dragging yourself out of bed at the last minute, to rush through getting ready, to rush through time with Jesus, to rush through breakfast and barely make it to work on time. It’s not enough to just not be late because that doesn’t prepare you to be your best at work all day. That doesn’t display the excellence that we are called to bring to everything we do…because it’s all for the Lord anyway.

Just a little Pastor Steven revisited…in a very practical way in my life.

I’m better than that…and so are you.


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