to the One who IS

So, I know that everyone has talked about how amazing this Easter weekend was and how God moved in ways we could not have imagined…but I just have to say


The awe-inspiring, intense, rock-your-socks-off kind of wow. I am constantly amazed and what God chooses to do. He is pouring out His amazing blessings here in Charlotte and I am humbled to be a part of that every week.

But this blew me away.

We started with communion. Live over the internet, in a “I never thought of doing it this way” format. At noon hundreds of people who either are on staff, volunteer or knew someone who is/does paused to remember the sacrifice of our Savior…it was incredible.

Then our small groups were encouraged to gather and watch the Passion…which we did. Such a poignant reminder. Lots of tears over His self-less sacrifice for my broke down incredibly selfish-ness.

Saturday we went full throttle setting up for what would be a remarkable weekend. We got everything done…tried to prepare for the unexpected as best we could and held on for the ride. It began with an amazing call to worship…Elevation style with Jesse Fisher. Pastor Steven totally brought the word of the Lord and it rang true in the heart of the hearer.


People not only came (over 7800 actually), but made decisions (over 700) that will change the trajectory of their entire life. I’m not sure what else there is to be said except for


Thank you…

to the One who was, who IS and is to come.


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