I don’t love it because…

With all the stuff flying around about the Ted Haggard interview, I’d just like to say.

I’m a proud participant of Elevation church. I’m a volunteer leader, I volunteer at everything and I love it. I don’t love it because it’s hip or cool. I don’t love it because we’re the 2nd fastest growing church in America. I don’t love it because my Pastor is Pastor Steven “freakin” Furtick. I don’t love it because people from other churches are here ever weekend to “see how we do it.” I don’t love it because we have the most amazing staff on the planet.

I don’t love it for any other reason than that our church IS the church EVERY DAY. I love it that we strive to be like Jesus so much that it’s all people can talk about…even if they think they are reprimanding us for bringing in a human, fallen leader to tell his story. I love that because Jesus was always at the center of controversy. Not for the sake of controversy, but because the message of His kind of grace turns the world on it’s ear. I love that about Him. I love that about my church. And I’m proud to stand as an “Elevator.” I know what I stand for, what we stand for, and most importantly what my Savior stands for…so I don’t just fall for anything.

so that people far from God will be filled with life in Christ….EVERY WEEK


One response to “I don’t love it because…

  • Maddison Wood

    well put, “ms. mullen.” i hadn’t thought about it that way before. i only love it because it’s hip and cool. (yeah, right…) i like this post so much that i’m not even gonna point out your grammar mistake 😀

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