Here’s to the uncomfortable

So, I’ve been learning something the hard way this year….

It is exponentially more uncomfortable to address an issue when it happens.

However, it becomes exponentially more damaging the longer you take to deal with your stuff.

I have two prime example of this in my life right now. I have spent months pulling my head out of the sand and dealing with something that has been going on for years.

Seriously…it’s messy and complicated now and, although we seem to be through the worst and in a place where we can move on, it seriously has taken months to get here.

In stark contrast, last Thursday someone said something that really offended me. I took a couple of days, prayed (for my heart first, then the other person, then the situation) and yesterday we had a talk.

It was a talk I started over email. A very carefully crafted email letting her know how what she said made me feel. Not accusatory, humble and factual, telling her that I cared about her and our friendship…

She called me the moment she read the email. We talked for about 20 minutes. It was very uncomfortable to write the email and pick up the phone when she called, but WOW…so totally worth it. I actually got some background on her side…I apologized, so did she…and we are fine.

I found her after work and gave her a big hug. I’m working really hard to handle situations more like this across the board in my life. It’s totally worth the short moments of being super uncomfortable to have a conversation and be able to move on rather than spending literally years unsure of where I stand and how to relate to someone.

So, here’s to the uncomfortable…may I continue to embrace it in Christ-like humility.


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