The season of choosing honor

Okay, so I have had a lot to process recently…from Thr3e, to Mother’s Day and Holly “freakin” Furtick and her challenge-your-face-off message to just life in general and what Jesus is teaching me…it’s been a big few weeks. So let me dive in (this may have to come in multiple parts)

I had an amazing experience at Thr3e. It was unbelievable. But there was a lesson for me that day I was totally not expecting…and it was one I’d heard before.


Seriously, as much as we focus on this as a church and particularly as volunteers and staff, you would think that I would have this down by now. And I do…

at church

But at work I realized that I totally suck at honoring those that I either disagree with or have been hurt by. The concept is simple enough, but I just have not put it into practice, at work specifically.

Honor is NOT about what someone else does….it IS about what I do and what God does in me.

This totally rocked me to the core. I spent a week just marinating in the truth that came from this first session of Thr3e. It was like the light was turned on in this dark corner of my heart.

Honor and Respect are NOT the same thing.

Someone can lose my respect over a situation or circumstance and how they respond or don’t. But Honor…Honor is a choice I make about what I am going to do and how I respond. Particularly how I allow Jesus to mold these actions and reactions to be more like His.

I am choosing differently these days. To the best of my ability I am choosing to honor…regardless of other factors. I am learning to separate what I think someone should have done or should not have done and how I respond. They may be dead wrong…but I will choose to Honor.

This is harder than it sounds and I’m getting more opportunities than I would care to have to exercise this choice…but here’s to the new season in my life…

the season of choosing Honor


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