influence and accountability

Okay, so as previously promised on a tweet (regardless of the afore-stated doubt that it would happen)…here are my thoughts on my Pastor and his divine wisdom.

Seriously, the man is an absolute mouthpiece for Jesus Christ.  Don’t misunderstand…he is totally human and fallible and all that jazz…he’ll be the first to tell you so, but God’s hand is on him and it’s incredible.  He has had a string of blog posts recently that are in-your-face-you-betta-get-off-your-butt-and-fly-right-for-Jesus-and-no-I-will-not-apologize-in-the-process.  You need to check them out.

This week I have really been challenged.  Every time I turn around Jesus is using him to speak yet another truth to me.  I feel like I can’t even process one before the next one hits.  This isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t even mean that I’m in a terrible place, necessarily.  It’s just that I’ve had some things happening in my life that I can’t control that I’ve not known how to respond to…and here comes the application via my Pastor and his blog…

Here are my top 5 fav quotes from the last few posts…

5.  Often, it’s the notes you don’t play that make the biggest impact.

4.  What good is it to ask for advice from a trusted friend if you’re not willing to put it into practice unless, of course, she gives you the advice that lines up with the decision you already determined to make anyway?  What good is making the kill if you’re not willing to roast your game?

3.  The depth of your need regulates the level of God’s supply. The more need you have, the more possibility and potential there is for God to supply.  He can’t meet a need that doesn’t exist. If you want more of God, you need more need.

2.  So, I suggest we resolve to stop fighting conflict.  Instead, we’ll learn to ride it.  Look at it like a wave.  It’s going to come crashing whether we welcome it or not.  So we might as well let it take us somewhere.


1.  Your life shouts something, too-whether you mean to communicate it or not.

So, who is influencing you and pushing you closer to Jesus…if it takes more than a moment to answer that question, you need to examine your life and start praying immediately for an accountability partner.  Jesus is trying to speak to you through His people that He strategically puts in your life, it’s time to start listening for Him.


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