New adventure

I’m beginning a new adventure this summer.  I am now officially the leader of a high school small group…

and I’m SUPER excited about it.

We are small in number (three to be exact) but deep and real…I love that.  I have been more than welcomed into the small group leader world at Elevation (thanks to Jay Rabon & this girl) and we are beginning a book for the summer at our next meeting.  I’ve already been referenced by one of my amazing girls as “my small group leader” in her blog.  By the way…you should read her stuff it’s good.

We have had our first few meetings and I am in awe of how candid they are in their conversation.  They cut through the surface and get right to the heart of what they think.  They have great questions.  But there is one thing that stands out to me at this point in our journey as a group…

The flow of time together is not fragmented.

Here’s what I mean by that.  The topics of conversation just flow.  We talk about their week and what’s going on in their lives.  We talk about the sermon from that week.  We read scripture and they ask questions…

in no particular order.

I think there is significance in that – it may not be super obvious.  Jesus and the Bible and what God is doing in their lives has a natural connection to everything else that they are about.  It’s a great example for me.  These girls don’t have a “Sunday-morning-time-with-Jesus-that-is-separate-from-everything-else-they-do” mentality.  So, when it comes to small group time we weave in and out of what might have happened in a random encounter, to something that was said in the sermon, to a question they had about a verse they read, to how they miss their brother who is out of town for the month.  It’s all so very seamless…

and I love it.

I’m already learning so much from these girls and I pray that God will raise up in them a fresh spirit that will permeate their families, their friends and their school for His glory.


One response to “New adventure

  • maddison

    gosh i love those girls so stinkin much. i love watching them grow like weeds in their faith every day (challenging me to keep up). it’s more fun than the circus. ms. small group leader, don’t let them sprout up right before your eyes and then before you know it they’re changing the world and you’re saying, “how’d we get here so fast?” it can happen. they’re working on it. don’t miss out. 😀

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