breaking the silence

So for those of you who may have been looking for me to leave a post and have simultaneously wondered if I was letting my blog die…the answer would be no.


I have had a lot to process in the last two or three months and while I’ve been working out my priorities and what to do when…and getting prepared for yet another school year, I just didn’t think I had a lot to say.  I would sit down to blog or think about it on the way home from somewhere…but nothing seemed to be there in the recesses of my mind.

until the last week or so.

I have absolutely felt like God was being conspicuously silent on a few things…the exact things I expected Him to be pretty vocal about, actually.

It’s funny how that works…at least with me.  If I had to pick one thing at any point in my life that I would think God would choose to be super vocal about, that is almost always the area in which He chooses to be silent.

A couple of things about that, (meaning more specifically 2 things for those of you who really watch the appropriateness of grammar)

1.  It’s not usually that I have the emphasis in the wrong place.  Meaning, I’m right in that the thing I think carries the most weight in my life or is a decision that affects so much more than just me does or is just that…uber important.

2.  His seeming silence is (at least in the cases that come to mind) an effort to make me listen harder to further understand the seriousness of the matter or a point He is trying to make.

So…as I listen more for that still small voice instead of  the thunderous declaration…I too will be

breaking the silence

stay tuned


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