i love my church

Okay, so I have a lot to write about and I know it.  But before I try to do some organizing of thoughts, I just need to get out what I’m thinking and get back on a “regularly scheduled” blogging routine.

In the meantime…

i love my church.  the end.

Seriously, we had an amazing Pastor come in this weekend and we had some down-home-southern-we-may-not-finish-till-supper-shoutin-clappin-praise-JESUS church.  Pastor Terrell Murphy came in to speak to us.  And when I say he came to speak to us…I mean he came with a word specifically for the house of Elevation straight from the throne room of the Lord.

And my Pastor wasn’t even there…reason #732921 why i love my church.  My Pastor isn’t afraid to bring in an incredible man of God preach to us.  He doesn’t go find some run-of-the-mill guy so that we will continue to think he’s the best thing since sliced bread.  He doesn’t want us to miss a spiritual beat no matter who does the preaching.

It was amazing

No, really.  I got a cramp in my hand trying to keep up with him.

So here is the re-cap…God has called us to come on up, like it says in Rev. 4. to see the things that He wants to do through our body.  It’s time we live up to and walk in the Name He has given us.  We need to elevate those around us and live out our puprose to cause a shift in the body of Christ.  A shift to unity like it has never existed before.  A shift to grace that does not merely cover sin under the carpet, but calls it out in love and uses it as the save to cover the wound that has been exposed.  A shift to true and real community…living in it, bringing hope to it, and helping it become all that God intended from the beginning.

I’m totally not doing justice to the sermon…you might as well go here a little later today and listen to it yourself.

have your pen out…

i love my church


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