top 10 reasons my Pastor rocks…

So, my Pastor’s wife (who is equally amazing) did a top 10 list of why she loves her Pastor…so I thought I would do the same in honor of Pastor appreciation month.

(*please note that several of our submissions are different…because, as you know, I am not, in fact, married to my Pastor – thanks, The Management)

here we go…in no particular order…

10.  He is current…in every way humanly possible.

9.  Due to #10 he  is relevant…

8.  He doesn’t apologize for what God gives him to say, or how He tells him to lead.

7.  He is a leader’s leader.

6.  He doesn’t shy away from talking about misses…

5.  He doesn’t just talk about #6…he demands a fix…immediately.

4.  He loves Jesus…in an out-of-the-box-gee-I-never-thought-of-it-that-way (makes me want to love Jesus more) way.

3.  He strives to be a good example of husband/father not just pastor.

2.  He finds people who do things with excellence and hires them to do what they do for the glory of God.

1.  He has clung to the vision of his youth, and therefore has changed my relationship with Christ and how I look at church and how we do what we do.

Thanks, Pastor Steven…You do rock.  You are an incredible example and encouragement and I am SUPER proud to call you MY Pastor.


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