Faces for Faces

Okay, so I went to India since the last time I blogged and I know…it’s been forever.  I’d give you a list of reasons why, but I’m not sure how good they really are, and I’m sure you don’t really care, so…about India.

I have to say the most unusual thing for me was that it didn’t feel foreign to me at all.  I felt very comfortable, at least in the ways I was expecting to feel uncomfortable.  I was blow away by the faces…they are everywhere number one, and there is a transparency that you just don’t see in the US.  It was incredible.

I have a lot to say about it, but I’m having a hard time getting it down on paper..or computer, so little snippets along the way will have to do for now.

I still am paying for my trip.

I did not raise the money necessary before I went and quite honestly I’ve been pretty embarrassed about that so I haven’t really said much about it, but the fact of the matter is I’ve been back for 2 months and I still have quite a bit to go.


I’m writing to tell you if you thought about giving money, but the trip came and went and you didn’t get a chance…you still have a chance.  AND…I’m having this event called Faces for Faces at my house on Feb 27th.  If you’re in the Charlotte area you are welcome to attend (if you’re not…you’re welcome too, I just think it might be hard for you to get here).

I haven’t talked about it in a while (and not ever on here that I remember), but I’m a Mary Kay consultant and I keep product at my house.  I’m going to be selling off as much of my inventory as it takes to cover the balance of my trip so that A) my commitment will be honored B) I can begin to sponsor this woman I met while I was there.  She is amazing and I’ll share more about her later.  I can’t sponsor her until I meet my goal for my trip, so I’m getting anxious to be able to do that.

Anyway, there are a couple of ways you can help…you can come on Feb 27th to the house from 10-2 get a free facial, buy some stuff…I’ve got something for everyone…if you have skin or fingernails seriously…I’m sure you’ll find something.  If you just want to send money either because you live far away or  you’re afraid someone will pull your man card…you can send money directly to Crossroads or my house, information for both is below.

Anyway, I know this is getting long, so I’m going to cut it out now…

Crossroads Worldwide          or          Laura Mullen

Attn Laura Mullen #120906              3336-G Heathstead Place

307-a East College Ave                        Charlotte, NC 28210

Shelby, NC 28152


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