my sink is a mess

That pretty much sums it up…

Seriously, my sink is such a mess my roommate called me today on my way to work to explain that EXACT state of our sink.

It was not a glowing report.

I know some of you are not super keen on the analogy concept…if that’s you, you have permission to stop reading and go do something else.  It won’t hurt my feelings.

Here was her simple request…when I empty my lunch box, can I PLEASE take the top off my coffee cup and my Tupperware and rinse it out.

Here’s the funny thing, I have been so proud of myself for unpacking my lunch at the end of every day over the last several weeks.  I really thought I was doing her a favor.  For whatever reason, that’s as far as I got.  Now, I’ve done my share of dishes, and I KNOW that this is not enough.  I’ve just gotten a little slack recently.

And I realize that this is what happened in my life with Jesus.  I have been a Christian for a long time.  I’ve been through some crap too.  So I know what a mess my life can get into and I know Who I can go to about that.  He is faithful and He will help me with whatever I bring to Him.

So, here’s where I’m at.  I’ve been praying recently about some things I’m frustrated about.  I seem to be surrounded by people who are doing what they are passionate about…in all areas of their life.  Originally this was truly inspiring and I enjoyed being around them and hearing how God has so intentionally orchestrated their lives this way.  Not that they have it all together or that they are never frustrated about work or family or service, but that those times are bearable because of their passion for what they are doing.

However, this inspiration has become a frustration in the last few weeks.  I’m not sure how I got here…but I think more than anything else I just got slack.  Like I’ve been having my quiet time…but I have sort of been on a mission to finish a certain study and so it’s become really impersonal and I haven’t really shared my heart with my Savior in a while.

The more I saw passion dripping from the live of others the more I noticed it’s absence in my own.  So then I began to talk to Him…no, more like talking at Him about it.  Like when I dumped the contents of my lunch box in the sink without rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher.  Bring on the frustration…I was so proud of myself for addressing these things with God, but it stopped there.

So this week I begin the next step…I am baring my soul to Jesus…every day.  I beg Him to help me find my passions.  The things that He ever so intentionally sewed into my spirit.  The desires of my heart that are actually born out of His.  With faith that He wants me to know them more than I do.

So that my sink can stop being a mess…


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