it’s louder…

This weekend my amazing Pastor challenged us about Spiritual Hearing Loss and while there are a lot of things I gleaned from his message, this what I’ve been thinking about today.

He said that people ask him if God speaks to him out loud and responds this way…

No, it’s much louder than that.

This is what I’ve been thinking about today.  Because every time I turn around today, it seems that I am being prayed for, encouraged, and pleasantly surprised by someone or something (a very welcome relief after the events of yesterday).

It’s usually so easy for me to dismiss these as flukes in the universe and not take them for what they truly are.  Because my Savior knows that my heart has been hurting, that I feel like my dream isn’t worth rekindling.

I think it breaks His heart more than it does mine when I feel this way.  And so over and over today, He has been using His very best “still small voice.”  The kind that echoes in my spirit in an unavoidable way.  When I sit and reflect on my day, He is in it…He is speaking to me…

sweet words of comfort

tender prayers of encouragement

blessings of peace (in my classroom-which is a miracle in and of itself)

reminding me that He has not forgotten.  He has a plan and even though I feel totally in the dark, that He knows the way.  I am on this journey with Him.  And Hiskind whisper in my heart and soul…

is louder


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