does He have you?

I just completed a leadership class with some amazing women last night several of whom are part of this budding ministry.  They are awesome and we spent some serious time with Joyce Meyer’s book The Making of a Leader.

Last night we listened to one of her messages on the Holy Spirit…and here is her burning question that I am still asking myself this morning…

You may have the Holy Spirit…but does He have you?

Yes, of course, as a Christian I have the wholeness of God inside me.  But do I really let Him have me.  She really challenged me with this thought.  Are there still areas of my life that only I occupy?  Why is it sometimes (maybe lots of times) I find it difficult to live a victorious Christian life?

It’s not because my Savior didn’t overcome.   It’s not because He is not definitively victorious.  That difficulty lies within me.  I don’t believe this has been an intentional oversight on my part, but this morning as I marinate in my notes from last night I can’t seem to escape it.

I try to help Him way too much.  Instead of letting Him fill me…continually.  Every day.

No I do not have the patience or strength or self-control or enter-fruit-of-the-spirit-here to go about my daily life.  I know that comes as a shock and surprise to most of you.  But it has never really occurred to me to daily, moment by moment, difficult circumstance to undeniable frustration ask Him to fill me and give me what I don’t have.


How could I have been a Christian for so long and missed out on this simple yet life-changing truth?  I’ve read the verses before…the Word is pretty clear about the asking-for-what-you-don’t-have part.  How has it escaped my attention?  I think this is true for a lot of us, especially those of us who grew up in church or have been Christians for a long time.  We are so “logically” close to the source we miss the “realization” of the Re-source.

I don’t have to be with Him physically like the disciples did to learn from Him, to be healed by Him, to be filled with Him; because He is with me…better than that He is inside me.  The power that raised Christ from the freakin dead LIVES inside me.

All the time

no matter what

This thought, if you really take time to let it soak into your spirit, will absolutely turn your world upside down.  Not just part of that power…the same power.  That’s pretty specific and I’d dare say intentional on the part of God.  To let us know that not just any power He has, but the same power lives in us.  All I have to do is ask Him to fill me with what I don’t have to do what I’m called to do.  In all things, large, small, significant, seemingly insignificant…so my question is…

does He have you?


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