go have a party…and move on

So today’s interesting Bible story comes from I Kings 19:19-21…you should go read it real quick….seriously.

I’ll wait…

So this is what gets me…Elisha, in the dawn of the next chapter of his life, essentially says this. “Okay, I’m with you…but can we go have a party…and then move on?”  I LOVE this.  What’s even better is that:

#1 the response was…of course, why not?


#2 that he used the utensils of his previous life as fuel and means by which to have said party.

I’m just sayin…nothin like taking the oxen you were plowing the field with and the actual plow for the fire wood for said celebration.

That’s awesome.  So, in light of the new chapter of my life, I intend to finish well.  Wrap it up.

Go have a party…

and move on


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