for me

I’ve been thinking all weekend about how I could express the She Speaks experience.

I’m not sure how to take everything in my head and condense it to a blog post or 3.  So, I’ll simply relate this one story of how God called my name this weekend.

Sometimes I think God sees everyone but me.  You know what I mean?  When He shows up in a tangible way for someone else, while you are awe of how He’s working on their behalf, you can’t help but wonder if He would ever do that for you.

Several months ago this happened to me.  I have to say, my reaction for my friend, while I was really thankful for what God had done specifically for her, was less than Christlike.  We’ll just leave it at that.

Fast forward to this weekend.  I arrive at She Speaks wondering why this conference, why this time, why this girl?  I go to workshops and seminars.  I meet AH-mazing people.  I cry.  (it’s a women’s conference…what do you want from me?) All the while this thought nags at me…under the surface.  What is the point?  I know God brought me here, but why?

You see, there are  thousands of women who speak and write and do all sorts of awesome-ministry things.  I was feeling…rather unnecessary and my Savior knew it.  After a crammed afternoon I finally returned to my room.  Tired, overwhelmed…you name it.  And there it was…

an envelop with my name on it

Inside was the sweetest note, a reminder to trust Him and money.  Exactly what I needed to make bills this month.  There it was…one of many answers to my petitions this weekend.  Remember my friend from a few months ago?  She had a more than amazing response. I am humbled.

There is a lot yet to process.  I’ll get through it, but today I rest in the knowledge that He does see me, He does know my name, and He does provide

for me.


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