little hints

So my Pastor has written a book that is coming out in a few weeks.  You need to read this book…seriously.  If you have heard Pastor Steven speak for any length of time, you have probably heard him talk about his Page 23 vision, when God ruined him with a sentence and planted the vision of our church in his heart.

As I was reading today, he was talking about how God leaves little hints in regard to His vision for your life in the beginning and it made me think.  How has He done that with me?  What hints did my Savior leave me in my childhood, in my young adulthood…yesterday?  The strangest memory came to me…

I had an English teacher in 7th grade that made us spend 8 weeks studying poetry and then writing our own book of poems.  I fought this project.  I hated most every minute of it, but I was a hard-working student and I wanted a good grade.  I poured over structure and phrasing to do my best to create something new in the styles I was given.  At the end of the project I was confident I had followed directions and completed what was asked of me…it did not, however, alter my disdain for the subject.

Imagine my surprise when my teacher raved about my work.  Not only did I get a good grade she repeatedly came to me over the course of the semester to remind me of her thoughts on my abilities, trying to encourage me to take up writing.

I honestly have not thought of this experience until today.  This was the first of a few scattered moments I am remembering in regard to writing.  Little hints from my Savior that writing is part of my vision.  It is more than a random thing I’ve picked up.  I’m still a little fuzzy on the whole thing…consider this my initial recognition of the

little hints….


One response to “little hints

  • Amy King

    I am in chapter 4 of the book – SOAKING IT UP! It is totally speaking to me at this time in my life! He has to be very direct with me so my little hints come through in a “screaming” sort of fashion! Guess he thinks I am hard of hearing! LOL!
    May God bless your writings for HIS GLORY!

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