only God

So to say this summer has been a season of growth and stretching would be a gross understatement.  I’ve developed a quiet side to my strength, which has been shocking to most…especially me.

In thinking about that this week.  It came to my attention that some of this unexpected growth came from an utterly unlikely place.  I have a friend who’s mom used this mantra:

Don’t think about it…just do it.

I have to say, most of the stories I know surrounding this phrase are not in the “follow me as I follow Christ” category…it’s been more of a coping mechanism.  However these seven words have kept me grounded during a most uncertain time.

There is less than $50 left in the bank account, again….

Don’t think about it…just do it

My insurance has run out…

Don’t think about it…just do it

Another day passes with no job leads….

Don’t think about it…just do it

Mind you this isn’t a complacent or slack attitude on my part.  This is a survival skill that kept me from melting down more than I did in the process.  I couldn’t allow my train of thought to drift to the next set of thoughts….

this is the last bit of money

I have an eye infection

how will I pay the bills

Because these thoughts paralyze me.  More than once they got the better of me and sent me into a tailspin.  Trying to solve all my problems in one evening, bringing my life back to order from chaos was just not an option available to me.  And for that I am so very grateful today.

My lesson has been simple.  Only God.  Only God knows how every dime will appear in my bank account exactly when I need it to.  Only God provides a doctor willing to give an unemployed girl with a jacked up eye a break (and parents willing and able to help with the balance).  Only God has a tailored plan of employment that seriously could never come together on it’s own.  Only God can take

Don’t think about it…just do it

and turn it into

Let ME think about it…let ME do it

By His grace, there has been money in the bank (not much, but money just the same), I have been to the doctor (more than once including meds) and I have not missed a bill (something I still find hard to believe).

only God


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