the adventure is a whirlwind

I’m sure your wondering if I’m still alive…I am

it’s the adventure of this new life I’m leading.  Ahhhh the 501c3.

Totally love it.

I’m in the midst of writing my first “support letter.”  Never thought I’d be doing that.  It’s funny.  We got support letters all the time growing up.  As a teenager I was a bit snobish about it, now that I’m taking the time to think.  You know that “those poor missionaries that have to ask other people to pay their bills.”  That’s so sad…I was so un-aware.

I’m realizing now the reason God places some of us on this path…the one where you are actually dependant for the literal daily bread.  I think there are at least two reasons.

One…I need to need Him.  When I don’t feel the pressing need I have for Him I tend to stray from His side. I must be reminded that there is nothing I can do without Him…nothing.

Two…others need to see Him.  This is not as much about the ones I’m serving as the ones He’s using to provide.  It’s His way of showing them how He has blessed them…so they see His great provision and how He has done so in order to bless others doing His work.  So that they see Him…in their own life as well as the lives of others.

So, I’m taking my life one day at time and seeing what it brings.  Letters will be out soon and I’ll continue on this adventure….

it’s a whirlwind


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