just keep turning up

A little change of plans this week and a lesson from the amazing Christine Caine.

First off, thank you so much for your prayers and support for our India team this spring.  I am humbled by the words of encouragement, prayer and financial support I have received in such a short time.  I really appreciate the Body of Christ in a new way this January.


My trip has been significantly altered this week as a couple of the team members had to drop and the tickets for the Pastor and his family to fly to the US were crazy expensive.  Oddly enough for them to fly here the day we were to arrive in India was significantly cheaper than to wait the 10 days and come back at the end of our scheduled time there.  All of this together led to the conclusion that the Pastor’s family will come to the States early and we will get as many days at Crossroads as possible with the team to create what they need here.

This last weekend we had a powerful woman of God at Elevation.  I was so blown away by her message.  While I took great notes (and went multiple times to make sure I got every drop of her teaching), I thought I could see the message that God was bringing to me.  It was all about Embracing Your Place in the body.  Something I would do well to remember in those days of hashing things out seemingly by myself.  A good reminder that God has me exactly where he wants me for now and if I do not stay the course when he comes to call me to something new I won’t be where I should be.

But this week, as the radical change to my spring unfolded before me I remembered something else Christine said…you have to just keep turning up.  She was referring to Elisha at the back of the oxen plowing the field when Elijah came to anoint him as his successor…followed by 10 probably miserable years before that promise actually came to fruition.  She spoke of several seasons (years of seasons) in her life where she just kept turning up…at her church, in her home, with Jesus Himself, until God finally looked at her and said…well, you just keep turning up…so give it a go.

While I have struggled with some disappointment this week, there are several positive things to note:

1. If we need something technologically related while we work…we can get it, quick and be able to move on.

2. We will have power all day every day.

3. I am not in danger of sun burn or sun poisoning in North Carolina at this time of year. 🙂

So, we will still be creating new materials for them and I will still need to make my way to the Crossroads offices for several days.  Please continue to pray for us…just differently now.  As for my return to India, pray that in his perfect timing I will be able to go back.  Until then…

I’ll just keep turning up


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