for such a time as this

This weekend was incredible at Elevation we wrapped up our Get Back Series and plugged 100s of people into eGroups.  This has been a super powerful series and well worth a listen.  Today, as I was reflecting on this sermon and looking forward to our next series (the documentary of our 5 years as a church: This Is How We Change The World), I was thinking about how strategically God brought me to this place at this time.

After college I worked for a professional photographer.  It was something that fell into place for me in a way that only God could have orchestrated.  It was a great job and I learned so very much from my time there.  But, after about a year, there was a restlessness in my spirit I couldn’t explain.

I graduated with a degree in Art Education and so I thought that I was missing teaching.  So I went about securing a position as a teacher.  Through a long and difficult process I landed a job in Charlotte.  The point that deserves to be mentioned here is that I had this unexplainable pull to Charlotte.  I didn’t have any family here there was no reason for my heart to be drawn to this city.

We moved around a lot while I was growing up.  I have no real “home state.” My parents are both from North Carolina, though, so growing up I sort of held on to that.  When I had a choice about where to look for a teaching job, I chose North Carolina.  My family is from eastern North Carolina….but somehow, Charlotte ended up in my search and I just couldn’t let this city go.

Ten years ago I moved here, for a job…or so I thought.  My first search in Charlotte was for a church.  I was floored at how many churches there were and how hard it was for me to find one.  I spent my first few years in church with that same feeling of restlessness.

It was what I did with that…or didn’t do that took me down a slippery slope.  I became so frustrated that I just quit trying, gave in to the temptations around me and began living that double life I had become so good at in college.  Still in church.  Still saying all the right things around all the right people.  And living like hell in the dark.

Finally, a good girl-friend suggested that I look for a new church and a fresh start.  Funny when she said that I couldn’t dream of leaving the church I was at.  I didn’t believe in church hopping and shopping…still don’t.  She and I had been in a small group together several years before and she had since moved to another state.  She was shocked at how tightly I held to this church.  Not because it wasn’t a great church, but because the restlessness in my spirit seemed to be absent.

Over the course of the next year, again and again I thought of her words.  Eventually I began to wonder what had happened to those anxious feelings of wanting something more.  Finally, I saw the glimmer of light in my darkness and knew that now was the time for me to resurface and renew that passion.  Around this time I heard about Elevation and the Sunday I woke up to attend for the first time…even before I got in the car…I knew, this was it.  This was my place.  This was where my restless soul would find rest.

and it totally has

You see, that year I spent wading through the muck I had created to look for that thing I had lost, was the first year of Elevation Church.  As I look back over the last four years, I see such growth.  And it takes me back to that undeniable draw to Charlotte.  That thing I couldn’t get away from…was God’s desire to plant me here.

In this house

with these people

for such a time as this


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