lessons learned

my life is crazy busy.  i don’t know if anyone is with me here…but it just seems like the moment i think i might slow down – i don’t.  anyway, i came to a realization this weekend that i thought i’d attempt to share.

i’ve spent some time in the last 5 years being frustrated with God.  feeling forgotten, misunderstood and overlooked…you know the drill.  in the last 6 to 8 months, i’ve become increasingly aware that He is trying to teach me something.  i’ve really struggled to put my finger on it.

in the last several weeks i’ve had lots of opportunities to use my graphic design skills.  in totally un-related areas of my life, God has opened doors for me to be creative and use that to support people and ministries I love.

the back story is that i spent a large part of my life loving design – with no outlet.  then there were outlets – filled by others.  then i was asked to create things that never saw the light of day.

what i realized this weekend is that in those years, when i seemed to be spinning my graphic wheels, i was learning, training and refining a gift God had given me.  so instead of wasting time this week, i was able to be focused and efficient.  part of  a team that put out 5 print pieces in 2.5 days.

and it just made me think,

how many other areas of my life has God been trying to refine gifts He’s given me so that I may be more efficient doing what He’s called me to do?


so today, i’m duly noting and submitting to

lessons learned


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