egypt isn’t the answer

this weekend, my Pastor gave an amazing sermon titled 4 pressure points of the resistance.  it was so good…go check it out.  anyway, it was all about 4 ways the enemy tries to keep you from being effective.  the scriptures he used were all in reference to the israelites and egypt.  The main point being that egypt represents slavery to our sin and all things connected to a life without God.

so, as i was reading in jeremiah this week, i found it interesting that after the israelites have been taken captive by babylon and the remnant is left – they go to jeremiah to have him ask God if it’s okay for them to “escape” to egypt before “someone” comes to get them.


years after they do this back and forth thing with pharaoh on whether they can leave in the first place and God rescues them…countless times.  after he promises them a land of their own…and they get it (only to lose it over their disobedience), their solution is to go back to egypt…seriously?

this is the part where most of us shake our heads in hypocrisy and say “silly israelites…”  but after this week’s sermon, i’m realizing all over again…in a totally new way, how the israelites are a representation of all of us.

how hard did God work for my heart – to get me out of egypt in the first place?

how much did I want to just set up camp with egypt in sight (nobody wants to be one of those crazy christians, right)?

how long did it take me to realize that life with Christ is not meant to be lived in isolation?

how many times did i try to skip the sacrifice He requires, that actually helps me grow?

and after all that…how often do i ask if it’s okay with Him for me to escape what I fear…in egypt?  because its comfortable, because i know how it works, that seeming oasis, which in reality represents my sin, my slavery and ultimately my death.

jeremiah tells the israelites just that…

the LORD has spoken concerning you, remnant of judah: ‘don’t go to egypt.’ know for certain that I have warned you today!

jeremiah 42:7-22 holds the whole encounter that you should check out for yourself, because

egypt isn’t the answer


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