my life is a sacrifice

i’ve learned a lot from my Pastor over the years.  one of the things he talks about periodically is tithing.

i’ve not really struggled with this as a principle.  i was taught to tithe at an early age and so it has just always been a part of money and how i look at things.  a couple of years ago, however, Pastor began incorporating a concept i hadn’t thought about before.

tithing is the beginning…the minimum.

As we grow, offering…sacrifice should be coupled with our tithing.  this is not limited to our finances.  if we are applying the truths we know to all areas of our life, so as not to put God in a box on sundays, then we should exercise this concept with our time and other resources.

in a conversation, with my mother the other day, she commented on this very idea.  i was expressing frustration that i wasn’t able to do more with my finances.  that i’m at a place right now, where i put God first, but that monetarily there isn’t a lot left after that to give.  she was so encouraging.  she reminded me that God has changed my heart in the last 6-8 months that she sees me giving of my time, emotional energy and creativity on a regular basis to those around me.

And that, [she said,] is your offering.

i had totally forgotten this truth.  i have a refreshed perspective today.  i’m not limiting my view of the tithe i give.  i’m not separating the offering of whatever i have to those around me from what i put in the plate on a sunday.  i’m learning more and more to live like my Savior as much as i can.  because he taught me first that…

my life is a sacrifice


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